19 Free Fonts You’ll Must Protest in 2019, Traits and Examples

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Every fresh 365 days comes with lists of fresh make traits and ways you’ll be the usage of within the months to advance. But what about typography?

While form traits are in most cases substances of these lists, there aren’t as many devoted to fonts that can conclude your existence more easy. Designmodo is right here to remedy that yell. Right here, we’ve compiled a checklist of 19 toddle-to fonts that you just’ll need to use in make tasks this 365 days.

While these forms of strategies are free fonts, others are top charge typeface strategies (each person desires a pair of toddle-to top charge form households). There’s additionally a combine of unusual and classic fonts to make a likelihood from.

2019 Kind Traits at a Leer

There are a pair of things we’re already starting up to sight when it involves typography this 365 days. Plenty of the selections on this checklist bear these trending kinds in mind.

  • San serif stacked typography with three- to 5- lines of textual exclaim.
  • Protest of more serif font strategies.
  • Retro and clarify/inline kinds with a classic vibe.
  • Elaborate swashes and flourishes for brief textual exclaim.
  • Thick lines and bold letterforms.


Free Fonts

Coves is a sans serif font with a good spherical form and a fleshy save of higher- and lowercase characters which might presumably be extremely readable a tiny and tall sizes and in stacked functions. The rounded edges give this font a special touch that’s fair a touch thoroughly different.

Salvage it free (for personal use) from the designer on Behance.


Free Fonts 2019

Univers is an “oldie nonetheless goodie.” This typeface is so usable that it fits into almost any make graceful with ease. The easy shapes of this sans serif additionally conclude it belief for outsized or stacked typography.

This top charge font is offered from MyFonts.

Tag your viewers with entertaining web sites and web presentations.

With Slides, we don’t conclude you birth from an empty slate. All it’s most realistic to make is to recall the substances you treasure most fantastic and mix them. Every lumber has been in moderation crafted to meet three key requirements: graceful, characteristic and worth. That scheme you realize every element works together seamlessly whereas bettering the impression of your exclaim.

Study More Are attempting the Demo



Morganite is an amazingly advanced free sans serif font. The uppercase persona save is graceful for existing and whereas lowercase letters bear a “crunched” feel, they’ll work neatly for brief textual exclaim substances. For a typeface with this kind of high x-height it’s rather readable. Receive from the designer on Behance.



Lato is the kind of fonts that never gets weak. Semi-rounded principal substances of the letters give Lato a sense of heat, whereas the stable structure offers steadiness and seriousness. “Male and female, severe nonetheless capable.

With the feeling of the Summer,” in step with designer Łukasz Dziedzic. Right here’s a favored typeface, thanks to inclusion in Google Fonts.

Evolve Sans

Evolve Sans

Evolve Sans involves 10 fonts in more than one weights and a futuristic alternate that’s enjoyable for explicit characters or makes use of. The skinny versions are handiest heavy ample for outsized functions, nonetheless the fashioned and bold weights are distinctive for nearly about all existing textual exclaim.


Fonts 2019 Traits and Examples

Rapid is an easy, thin-line sans serif. Inclined for outsized and existing, this font might even be rather impactful. This font involves multilingual strengthen and involves a fleshy persona save. Salvage it from GraphicFresh.



Mosk is a bold sans serif font with 9 kinds and tons weights so as that it’s a ways going to even be an all-in-one font resolution. The angled letterforms and orderly lines conclude It tall for stacking, body textual exclaim and existing. Salvage it from the designer on Behance.



Burgess is a extremely readable serif with hundreds of strategies within the fleshy font family. The bold and semibold diversifications gape tall in existing whereas fashioned is terribly finest for smaller textual exclaim substances. The highest charge font is offered from the Colophon Foundry.

GT Huge

GT Huge

GT Huge is a most up-to-date-vogue serif with hundreds of versatility. It’s readable and ethereal with more than one weights, making it an very finest all-cause resolution. (Plus, it seems tall on monitors and in print.)

From the designers: “GT Huge is the final consequence of a detailed investigation into existing serif typefaces from the Seventies and 80s. It focuses on the expressive and idiosyncratic nature of calligraphic motions, compelled into stable, typographic shapes.” This top charge font is offered from Grillitype.

Playfair Speak

Playfair Speak

Playfair Speak is a flexible serif typeface with thick and thin kinds. While it’s most fantastic-marvelous to elevated lettering, it maintains readability even at smaller sizes. Receive it free from Google Fonts.



Giveny is a classically-vogue serif in an all uppercase vogue. Protest it for existing to add the factual feel to tasks that desire a special one thing. Salvage it from the designers on Behance.



Monkstead is a enjoyable retro vogue that might even be weak stuffed or as an clarify. It has 5 kinds and is made within the vein of classic trademarks and posters. Receive the free model (spherical vogue) from the designer on Dribbble. https://dribbble.com/photographs/4808005-Monkstead-Font-spherical-vogue-for-free

Circus Speak

Circus Speak

The Circus Speak font is a flexible font with a retro vogue and enjoyable swashes and tails. Whenever you happen to’d treasure a titillating existing option, this is able to be it. From the designer: “This tough typeface has a stable charisma, appealing to the viewers.

Coming in two thoroughly different kinds (fashioned and striped one), it offers a likelihood to freely edit the level of its ‘vintageness.’” Salvage this free entrance from PixelBuddha.

Bobby Jones

Bobby Jones Font

Bobby Jones is a enjoyable – and funky – font with a rounded vogue, tough and gentle strategies and an clarify vogue. While this typeface has a quirky nature, it additionally has a chilly retro feel. Salvage it free (personal use handiest) from PixelSurplus.


Elephant Font

Elephant is an easy clarify vogue sans serif that’s made to pair with photos and other ingenious materials. The lines are thick and crisp, and the make is unassuming and titillating with fair the factual angles and weight. Salvage it from the designer on Behance with out cost.


Puzzled Font

Puzzled is a elaborate script with long tails and account for lines. While the font has a more female feel, it’s going to work in a range of functions. Handiest makes use of would embrace easy textual exclaim substances with a pair of characters to most fantastic conclude use of account for stylings. Salvage it free from PixelSurplus.

Peace Sans

Peace Sans Font

Peace Sans is bold and straightforward on the eyes. The free font is terribly versatile and has a make that seems treasure a rather more top charge option. It comes with glyphs strengthen as neatly. Salvage it free on Behance.



Wanderlust is bold and uncommon and also can amassed add a element of intrigue to existing textual exclaim.

From the designer:

“Due to a spherical and edged slab serif mixture, Wanderlust has a rather irregular vogue that draws inspiration from landscape and mountain traits moreover rural wood architecture hikes also can bump into.”

Salvage it free on Behance.


Adelle Font

Adelle might even be one of basically the most versatile fonts on this checklist. (Possible we saved basically the most fantastic for very finest?)

The typeface involves bold lines and has rather a pair of personality.

Right here’s more from the creator:

“The unobtrusive look, very fair appropriate texture, and a chunk darkish coloration allow it to behave flawlessly in exact textual exclaim, even in basically the most unforgiving functions. Because it turns into elevated in print, the Adelle fonts existing personality through a sequence of measured particularities which conclude it easy to be aware and name.”

The fleshy top charge family is offered from TypeTogether.

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