Enhancing the UX with Userstack API

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Userstack is a REST API, designed by apilayer, the developer at the encourage of most attractive instruments equivalent to ipapi or streetlayer. The API unearths well-known data sets about the customers visiting your websites equivalent to their browser, OS or software in a easy to make use of format.

Consider the times whenever you had to retain extra than one codebases so that you simply’d furthermore fortify extra than one web browsers? Relief into the dim ages of the receive, we frail user agent data to bring different lines of code to our customers, to be sure websites weren’t a mighty quantity.

userstack.com Demo

Fortunately these times are long previous. Alternatively, recently, thanks to instruments equivalent to userstack, we use this knowledge to fabricate better experiences for our customers.

userstack from Technological Demonstrator to Endeavor Ready API

The API was as soon as launched extra than four years within the past, beneath the title UserAgent API. As the API turned wisely most traditional by builders proper by the realm, apilayer overhauled the API and upscaled it to fit endeavor requirements equivalent to a Ninety nine.9% SLA, 256-bit SSL encryption and devoted fortify.

userstack.com Uptime

On the present time, userstack is a scalable API, able to assembly even the most annoying requirements. Whether or no longer it’s a product landing web page with a few hundred requests per day or a advanced browsing platform with 1,000,000 requests month-to-month, userstack can address any effort.  Accenture, Apple or Intuit are one of the most important renowned manufacturers that are utilizing the userstack API of their merchandise and instruments.

Employ Case Scenarios

Particular person expertise is the fundamental from changing traffic to customers, customers or subscribers. The onboarding paradigm, the dispute/product itself, and the retention price are the keys to success. The less steps are between your traffic and your service, product or newsletter; the extra are the possibilities you’ll fetch a exact userbase.

Native App Downloads

After months of prototyping and testing, your app is moving. Your dispute manager uploaded the closing revisions for the promo materials, the landing web page is up an moving, and your promotion advertising campaign returns the fundamental customers. You’ll use userstack to redirect the customers to the download link that corresponds to their software. Android customers might well well furthermore honest tranquil mechanically be redirected to Google Play and due to this fact, iOS customers to the App Store. This reduces the steps required for customers to onboard and increases the possibilities of a conversion.

Personalized Stutter material

While TV didn’t assassinate the radio, online browsing would be the dwell for retail retail outlets. While mountainous avid gamers equivalent to Amazon or eBay are dominating the web browsing expertise, a solid ticket, an most attractive product, and a broad technique can enhance your e-commerce to the tip. If truth be told, infrequently you don’t even want a broad product. The drop shipping industry proved that. Shall we embrace, whenever you’d furthermore be promoting cell cellular phone accessories, that you simply might well well presumably use userstack to expose merchandise that match your customer’s software.

Pause Bots and Crawlers

Scheme bots attack your arena? Scheme scrappers make a choice your weird dispute? Employ userstack to detect and block them or, even better, fetch them stuck in honeypots. Appropriate don’t neglect to exclude legit crawlers equivalent to search engines and security crawlers.

userstack Functionality

You are going to be ready to examine the API’s functionality in less than 5 minutes. Appropriate imprint-up for the free tier, generate an fetch entry to key from the myth dashboard and chase the ask.

    ? access_key = YOUR_ACCESS_KEY

This might well well furthermore honest return the next sets of knowledge:

  • Particular person-Agent string;
  • The entity kind (browser, cellular-browser, electronic mail-client, app, feed-reader, crawler, and offline-browser);
  • The logo, title and linked URL of the linked software;
  • Working system data such because the title, code, family, family code, family vendor and the icon of the OS;
  • Design specification: whether the software is cellular or no longer, kind (desktop, tablet, smartphone, console, beautiful television, wearable) and, if supported by the software vendor, the emblem title, code, URL and the tell title of the software;
  • Browser data: title of the browser, version, fundamental version, and the rendering engine.

For paid subscribers, a further data module is equipped, the crawler module, that can title bots crawling your websites equivalent to search-engine, monitoring, screenshot, scraper or security crawlers.

Particular person-Superior

The API is extremely user-suited. Designed to allure to each and each beginners and mavens userstack is accessible to anybody thanks to an easy to imprint code, an intensive data repository, and true-time fortify.

In most conditions, this can snatch you less than ten minutes to place into effect the API on your platform. Furthermore, the API aspects ten endpoints that quilt the most traditional programming languages of recently, along side PHP, Python, Ruby or Node.js.

GDPR Compliant

The API, honest like all other understanding product, is GDPR compliant. It’s an an awfully extraordinary characteristic for freelancers and mountainous manufacturers alike. For beautiful-scale initiatives, userstack API’s compliance would be an most attractive resolution to be particular the integrity of your user’s data, and a quite imprint-efficient tool to place into effect GDPR compliant data flows that fit your wants and withhold your traffic or customers data accurate. For originate-ups, companies or enterprises, the API’s compliance with GDPR might well well furthermore honest tranquil make stronger your group’s data processes and assemble your DPO pleased.

Substantial Pricing

The userstack API is accessible in 5 tiers, along side a free perpetually tier. The most attractive procedure back of the free tier is the lack of fortify for HTTPS Encryption, which, in recently’s panorama, might well well furthermore be an effort. You are going to be ready to fetch HTTPS encryption for $9.Ninety nine month-to-month (or $7.Ninety nine whenever you opt to a one-300 and sixty five days subscription). As well to that, you’ll also fetch the lookup cap extended to 50.000 requests month-to-month and Crawler detection. The next Tiers extend the assortment of ask month-to-month and add bulk lookup functionality.

userstack.com Pricing

When you exceed the lookup limitations of your tier, apilayer won’t price you for the excess or block you from accessing the API except you continuously exceed your quota by extra than 20%.

The pricing is designed to accommodate any use case effort, without limiting your how you assemble your interactions along with your customers. After the preliminary plan-up, the API is doing its job someplace within the cloud, and it sends you precious data whilst you focal level for your product or companies.

Glean Your Free API Key

In the digital expertise, data is energy. Alternatively, raw data is ineffective except you sigh the trusty tool to prepare data and extract meaningful patterns that form your companies and merchandise. That’s why userstack’s API will own to be within the tip 10 instruments from your developer toolkit. It’s scalable, honest, resilient and compliant with fundamental data security practices. Furthermore, whenever you withhold in mind the intensive documentation and true-time fortify, apilayer’s userstack API, would be the adaptation between failure and success.

Sign in to your a free API and originate utilizing data to your advantage.

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