Making improvements to the UX with Userstack API

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Userstack is a REST API, designed by apilayer, the developer within the assist of amazing instruments such as ipapi or streetlayer. The API unearths necessary recordsdata units in regards to the users visiting your web sites such as their browser, OS or instrument in a straightforward to make spend of layout.

Spend into story the occasions will maintain to you needed to withhold a total lot of codebases so you must perhaps presumably also abet a total lot of web browsers? Wait on into the murky ages of the get, we old user agent recordsdata to bring assorted traces of code to our users, to develop definite that web sites weren’t a large number. Demo

Fortunately those occasions are gone. On the different hand, this present day, thanks to instruments such as userstack, we spend this recordsdata to make greater experiences for our users.

userstack from Technological Demonstrator to Enterprise Ready API

The API used to be launched extra than four years within the past, below the title UserAgent API. Because the API turned favorite with developers across the arena, apilayer overhauled the API and upscaled it to compare enterprise requirements such as a ninety 9.9% SLA, 256-bit SSL encryption and devoted abet. Uptime

On the present time, userstack is a scalable API, able to assembly even essentially the most anxious requirements. Whether it’s a product landing web page with about a hundred requests per day or a complex having a gain out about platform with 1000000 requests monthly, userstack can take care of any scenario.  Accenture, Apple or Intuit are about a of the prominent brands which may be the utilization of the userstack API in their merchandise and instruments.

Use Case Scenarios

User expertise is the main from converting visitors to users, prospects or subscribers. The onboarding paradigm, the command material/product itself, and the retention fee are the keys to success. The fewer steps are between your visitors and your service, product or newsletter; the extra are the possibilities you’ll gain a exact userbase.

Native App Downloads

After months of prototyping and testing, your app is ready. Your command material supervisor uploaded the closing revisions for the promo materials, the landing web page is up an ready, and your promotion campaign returns the first users. You’ll spend userstack to redirect the users to the gain hyperlink that corresponds to their instrument. Android users will maintain to automatically be redirected to Google Play and therefore, iOS users to the App Retailer. This reduces the steps required for users to onboard and will increase the possibilities of a conversion.

Customized Yell material

While TV didn’t execute the radio, online having a gain out about could perhaps well even be the stop for retail stores. While enormous gamers such as Amazon or eBay are dominating the get having a gain out about expertise, an impressive stamp, an recommended product, and a huge technique can boost your e-commerce to the tip. In actuality, every so many times you don’t even desire a huge product. The drop transport industry proved that. Let’s consider, while you occur to could perhaps well be promoting cell phone instruments, you must perhaps presumably spend userstack to point to merchandise that match your visitor’s instrument.

Terminate Bots and Crawlers

Assemble bots attack your living? Assemble scrappers capture your outlandish command material? Use userstack to detect and block them or, even greater, gain them stuck in honeypots. Correct don’t omit to exclude legit crawlers such as search engines like google and yahoo and safety crawlers.

userstack Functionality

You presumably could perhaps presumably take a look at the API’s efficiency in no longer up to 5 minutes. Correct model-up for the free tier, generate an gain entry to key from the story dashboard and dart the ask.
    ? access_key = YOUR_ACCESS_KEY

This could perhaps per chance well also return the next units of recordsdata:

  • User-Agent string;
  • The entity variety (browser, mobile-browser, email-client, app, feed-reader, crawler, and offline-browser);
  • The stamp, title and associated URL of the associated instrument;
  • Working machine recordsdata such as the title, code, family, family code, family supplier and the icon of the OS;
  • Instrument specification: whether the instrument is mobile or no longer, variety (desktop, tablet, smartphone, console, dapper television, wearable) and, if supported by the instrument supplier, the stamp title, code, URL and the actual title of the instrument;
  • Browser recordsdata: title of the browser, version, vital version, and the rendering engine.

For paid subscribers, a further recordsdata module is straight away available, the crawler module, that will name bots crawling your web sites such as search-engine, monitoring, screenshot, scraper or safety crawlers.


The API is terribly user-reliable. Designed to appeal to every rookies and professionals userstack is available to somebody thanks to an easy to attain code, an intensive recordsdata repository, and exact-time abet.

In most circumstances, it goes to clutch you no longer up to 10 minutes to place into effect the API for your platform. Furthermore, the API choices ten endpoints that conceal essentially the most well liked programming languages of this present day, including PHP, Python, Ruby or Node.js.

GDPR Compliant

The API, appropriate relish any assorted thought product, is GDPR compliant. It’s an mandatory characteristic for freelancers and big brands alike. For dapper-scale tasks, userstack API’s compliance could perhaps well even be an recommended technique to develop definite the integrity of your user’s recordsdata, and a barely fee-efficient tool to place into effect GDPR compliant recordsdata flows that match your needs and abet your visitors or prospects recordsdata righteous. For launch up-ups, companies or enterprises, the API’s compliance with GDPR will maintain to toughen your organization’s recordsdata processes and develop your DPO happy.

Sizable Pricing

The userstack API is readily available in five tiers, including a free forever tier. The becoming downside of the free tier is the dearth of abet for HTTPS Encryption, which, in this present day’s panorama, may be a pronounce. You presumably could perhaps presumably gain HTTPS encryption for $9.ninety 9 monthly (or $7.ninety 9 while you occur to commit to a one-year subscription). To boot to to that, you’ll moreover gain the look up cap extended to 50.000 requests monthly and Crawler detection. The subsequent Tiers lengthen the different of ask monthly and add bulk look up efficiency. Pricing

In case you exceed the look up obstacles of your tier, apilayer won’t fee you for the excess or block you from having access to the API unless you repeatedly exceed your quota by extra than 20%.

The pricing is designed to accommodate any spend case scenario, without limiting your the strategy you construct your interactions alongside with your users. After the preliminary location-up, the API is doing its job someplace within the cloud, and it sends you priceless recordsdata while you point of interest for your product or providers and products.

Salvage Your Free API Key

In the digital generation, recordsdata is vitality. On the different hand, raw recordsdata is needless unless you spend the superior tool to put collectively recordsdata and extract meaningful patterns that shape your providers and products and merchandise. That’s why userstack’s API needs to be within the tip 10 instruments from your developer toolkit. It’s scalable, simply, resilient and compliant with classic recordsdata protection practices. Furthermore, while you occur to possess in thoughts the intensive documentation and exact-time abet, apilayer’s userstack API, could perhaps even be the adaptation between failure and success.

Be half of on your a free API and launch the utilization of recordsdata to your profit.

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