Mood Boards for Product Designers

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Most designers know that wireframing and prototyping are wanted formula of the originate assignment. With out prototyping, your possibilities of organising honest originate are virtually nil. To craft a correct prototype, designers must exhaust time ideating. Designers possess a spread of assorted instruments and tactics that motivate them at some stage in that brainstorming assignment. One tool that makes it the plan of ideation most productive is mood boarding.

A mood board is a tool that helps designers bag basically the most appealing route for designs and originate a solid foundation for the emotional experience they’re looking out out for to originate.

From this text, you’ll bag what this tool is all about and the procedure in which it will even be gentle most successfully.

What is a Mood Board?

A mood board is a series of textures and photos linked to originate and gentle-weight as a reference level.

Mood boards will also be gentle for assorted needs. Listed below are a pair of usual examples of mood boards:

  1. Designate ebook/tag (motivate to search out tag/icon trend)
  2. UI originate (motivate to search out and define visible principles)
  3. Content plan
  4. Circulate and interplay
Icon Moodboards
UI Moodboards
Circulate Moodboards

What Mood Boards Wait on Designers Attain

Compile Inspiration

Mood boards are all about inspiration.

Mood boards motivate designers bag something shimmering and implement it of their work. As an instance, icon designers bag assorted shapes to determine what create of icons they’re looking out out for to make exhaust of.

Mood boards attend as inspiration for purchasers. They motivate purchasers salvage a sense of originate, and it’s a colossal tool to salvage originate route get-in from purchasers.

Galvanize your viewers with appealing web sites and web presentations.

With Slides, we don’t create you start from an empty slate. All it be a must to attain is to protect shut the formula you want most productive and mix them. Every dash has been in moderation crafted to fulfill three key standards: honest, characteristic and price. That plan you know every ingredient works together seamlessly whereas bettering the impact of your grunt.

Be taught ExtraOther Products

Bring an Belief

When designers strive to lift an belief, every every so often it will even be hard to issue verbally. Phrases are no longer satisfactory. Designers must original something.

Mood boards motivate designers converse and illustrate “why” they create a explicit originate dedication to guests and stakeholders. When asked, “Why attain we want this speak shape in our UI?” you would also original them a mood board, so your originate dedication becomes particular.

It’s distinguished to say that for a mood board to lift an belief, it will possess examples of something that folk exhaust, no longer felony abstract ideas. These could per chance well also simply be examples from assorted industries. Easiest in when gentle in this kind will a mood board act as proof that the originate route will likely be a hit.

Eight Pointers for Atmosphere up and Working with Mood Boards

Atmosphere up mood boards will also be hard. Fortunately, now we possess a pair of guidelines and strategies to create this assignment more straightforward for you.

1. Purpose for a pleasurable emotional response

Judge emotions you would even be looking out out for to lift when presenting a mood board to stakeholders. Sooner than deciding on a first image/texture for your mood board, strive to judge what would evoke an emotive response.

Tip: Whenever you original a mood board, the aim is for folk to acknowledge with phrases like “Tall” or “Moral stuff” with a pleasurable response. Ogle the facial expressions of those you’re showing it to. This is capable of per chance well also simply come up with a sense of whether or no longer or no longer a board is doing its job.

2. Make particular mood boards work holistically with one another

When a originate team is accountable for creating a whole product originate plan (all formula of a product), it’s distinguished to set a transparent route for all mood boards to create them work holistically. This is capable of per chance well also simply motivate originate a solid foundation for your future originate sooner than you start pushing the pixels. Mood boards that work holistically with one another motivate designers to originate a spacious image – it becomes evident for everybody what emotions a team needs to lift in a product they originate.

three. Mood boards are instruments for reference; easiest consult with something you would also pause

Whenever you original mood boards, you effect expectations. When stakeholders see polished mood boards, they imagine that a final originate can possess the same level of craftsmanship. If transport differs vastly from the high quality of the mood board, you threat shedding a shopper’s belief. Attain no longer reference something that you simply would even be no longer correct of performing because it will set you up for failure.

four. Search for past the digital world

With regards to creating mood boards, all too in total designers watch inspiration on-line. Clearly, Google can come up with a spread of colossal photos but it completely felony one provide.

Don’t limit yourself to a digital medium. Purchase inspiration from nature. Whenever you want photography, exhaust colours out of your popular shot to your originate product.

Inspiration Image
Mood board

Mood board by Gleb Kuznetsov.

Paper press is one other very helpful provide of inspiration – books and magazines is in total a provide for that ideal image.

Paper press

Duvet pitch by Jack Dylan. Courtesy of the artist.

5. Curate your series

Watch out no longer to create this error: Gathering too many photos/textures in mood boards. Extra photos is no longer continuously better. A bigger the option of photos could per chance well also simply conclude up in fewer possibilities that folk will comprehend the files. Why? Because a person’s consideration is miniature and it’s relatively easy to crush of us with too great files. Files overload makes the message more advanced to set up.

The first aim of utilizing mood boards is no longer in entertaining but solving a explicit divulge. That’s why no longer all photos and textures deserve to be on a mood board. When creating a mood board, contemplate more like curator moderately than a collector. When I originate a mood board, I mix up to 1,000 photos but easiest encompass the 10 strongest and consistent visible references.

Tip: It could per chance per chance even be overwhelming to place mood boards. You fight via 1000’s of visible examples, and on the conclude of the day, you would also face a divulge when it’s hard to separate a honest example from a monstrous one. Whenever you’re employed with a extensive amount of files, it’s usual to feel overwhelmed. That’s why it so distinguished to possess a moment of relaxation at some stage within the plan of gathering files.

This is the procedure in which it in fact works for me:

  1. Gain photos for a pair of days (issue, 1,000)
  2. Swap to assorted actions and relax
  3. Purchase away 1/2 of the photos in my series
  4. Repeat steps 2 and three unless I in fact possess easiest 30-forty photos final
  5. Slightly analyze the photos and retain felony 1 percent of the long-established set

The aim is to possess photos that can let you lift an emotional feeling that’s consistent.

Automobile Moodboard

After combining virtually 1,000 photos, I leave easiest 10 of the strongest and consistent visible references on my mood board.

6. Opt basically the most appealing structure

Reckoning on the create of mission, you would also kind an offline or on-line mood board. The codecs require assorted approaches.

The offline structure is ideal when team contributors work within the same bodily dwelling, and it’s imaginable to meet with stakeholders in person. The motivate of the offline structure is that you simply would also simply possess a possibility to picture what you mean in person. Potentialities can question questions and listen to your opinions.

An on-line structure is basically the most easy imaginable possibility whenever you happen to could per chance well also simply possess a remote or distributed team. On this case, it’s required to exhaust additional time to create a mood board particular for all team contributors so salvage a sense of the files you provide with out comments. In fact be at liberty to add a pair of phrases to a board to picture solutions.

7. Give prominence to the fundamental message

It’s miles no longer relevant what structure you protect shut, it’s distinguished to protect shut a image (or photos) that will likely be a foundation for your originate. There’s a easy trick you would also exhaust – play with the dimension of objects to converse the belief. Greater objects (photos/textures) desire more consideration than smaller ones. Smaller objects can complement bigger ones.

The exhaust of this plan, you would also converse viewers to basically the most appealing distinguished aspects of your future originate, and they’ll possess your total required files in a survey.

Eight. Gain basically the most appealing photos/textures from mood boards for future initiatives

Mood boards shouldn’t felony be for pitches. Possess in solutions utilizing mood boards for your future initiatives. Utilize Pinterest to set examples. A motivate of utilizing Pinterest is that you simply would also distribute work based mostly exclusively exclusively on sections on speak “boards.”

Most efficient photos/textures from moodboards

Mood board by Gleb Kuznetsov.

Functional Digital Instruments for Atmosphere up Mood Boards

The astonishing thing about mood boarding is that you simply don’t must make exhaust of any special instruments. All you will need is a whiteboard to your workspace. Nonetheless you would also moreover exhaust digital instruments to create it more straightforward to lift solutions.

1. Pinterest

Pinterest is required tool for designers. Pinterest lets in you to originate mood boards utilizing sources from in every single place the bag. Pinterest moreover offers salvage entry to to a prosperous series of original mood boards – every thing from kitchen solutions to high-tech gadgets. Having salvage entry to to all this files is an very helpful replacement for designers to search out inspiration.


Pinterest is a colossal set to search out inspiration. Automotive moodboard by Gleb Kuznetsov.

2. The Matboard

The Matboard

The Matboard offers salvage entry to to a curated series of photos created by photographers, filmmakers and commercial administrators.

three. Canva


Canva is a colossal tool for creating on-line mood boards. It has a crawl and plunge editor and lets in anyone to originate improbable mood boards in minutes. Canva moreover has a library of photos; this characteristic can set you a spread of time (no must browse the bag to search out basically the most appealing image).

four. Evernote

While the broad majority of Evernote’s users exhaust the app for notetaking, it’s imaginable to make exhaust of it for creating mood boards.

5. Mural


Mural is an very helpful tool when it be a must to craft a mood board with a team. Mural creates a shared digital dwelling the effect groups can collaborate on solutions.


The assignment of organising mood boards shouldn’t be uninteresting. It must be stress-free. Every creative person needs inspiration, and creating mood boards is in total a pleasurable behavior for designers.

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