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Most designers know that wireframing and prototyping are indispensable substances of the create task. With out prototyping, your possibilities of constructing correct create are nearly nil. To craft a ethical prototype, designers acquire to exhaust time ideating. Designers acquire a range of a range of instruments and strategies that aid them correct by arrangement of that brainstorming task. One tool that makes it the strategy of ideation handiest is mood boarding.

A mood board is a tool that helps designers catch the upright route for designs and safe an exact foundation for the emotional ride they are searching to safe.

From this article, you’ll catch what this tool is all about and how it might maybe per chance also be historic most successfully.

What is a Mood Board?

A mood board is a chain of textures and photos associated to create and historic as a reference point.

Mood boards will also be historic for various needs. Here are just a few conventional examples of mood boards:

  1. Imprint e book/logo (aid to catch imprint/icon vogue)
  2. UI create (aid to catch and clarify visual principles)
  3. Squawk procedure
  4. Walk and interaction
Icon Moodboards
UI Moodboards
Walk Moodboards

What Mood Boards Abet Designers Attain

Salvage Inspiration

Mood boards are all about inspiration.

Mood boards aid designers catch one thing lovely and put into effect it of their work. As an illustration, icon designers accumulate a range of shapes to resolve out what build of icons they are searching to make exhaust of.

Mood boards attend as inspiration for customers. They aid customers safe a sense of create, and it’s a huge tool to safe create route establish conclude-in from customers.

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With Slides, we don’t build you inaugurate from an empty slate. All you might maybe acquire to realize is to establish the substances you adore simplest and combine them. Each and each ride has been carefully crafted to meet three key standards: magnificent, feature and usability. That manner you admire every ingredient works collectively seamlessly whereas bettering the impression of your whisper.

Be taught Extra Strive the Demo

Instruct an Knowing

When designers try to bring an idea, assuredly it might maybe per chance also be laborious to talk verbally. Phrases are no longer sufficient. Designers acquire to verbalize one thing.

Mood boards aid designers verbalize and illustrate “why” they build a negate create resolution to peers and stakeholders. When asked, “Why attain we desire this negate form in our UI?” you might verbalize them a mood board, so your create resolution becomes certain.

It’s a must-acquire to show that for a mood board to bring an idea, it might maybe per chance aloof have examples of one thing that folk exhaust, no longer correct summary ideas. These also can very well be examples from a range of industries. Perfect in when historic in this arrangement will a mood board act as proof that the create route will catch success.

eight Guidelines for Rising and Working with Mood Boards

Rising mood boards will also be laborious. Fortunately, we acquire got just a few guidelines and strategies to construct this task more uncomplicated for you.

1. Purpose for a gracious emotional response

Mediate about emotions you might acquire to bring when presenting a mood board to stakeholders. Earlier than selecting a fundamental image/texture in your mood board, try to imagine what would evoke an emotive response.

Tip: Whenever you verbalize a mood board, the unbiased is for fogeys to answer with words like “Gargantuan” or “Gleaming stuff” with a gracious reaction. Glimpse the facial expressions of those you’re exhibiting it to. This might occasionally per chance per chance give you a sense of whether or no longer or no longer a board is doing its job.

2. Make certain mood boards work holistically with every a range of

When a create crew is accountable for constructing an entire product create procedure (all substances of a product), it’s a must-acquire to pickle a certain route for all mood boards to construct them work holistically. This might occasionally per chance per chance aid safe an exact foundation in your future create sooner than you inaugurate pushing the pixels. Mood boards that work holistically with every a range of aid designers to safe a fundamental image – it becomes evident for every person what emotions a crew wishes to herald a product they safe.

three. Mood boards are instruments for reference; handiest converse over with one thing you might maybe make

Whenever you verbalize mood boards, you pickle expectations. When stakeholders gaze polished mood boards, they imagine that a closing create can acquire the identical level of craftsmanship. If delivery differs severely from the superb of the mood board, you anguish shedding a consumer’s belief. Attain no longer reference one thing that you just’re no longer safe of performing because it might maybe pickle you up for failure.

four. Respect beyond the digital world

In terms of constructing mood boards, all too assuredly designers look for inspiration online. Clearly, Google can provide you a range of large photos on the opposite hand it correct one offer.

Don’t restrict yourself to a digital medium. Decide inspiration from nature. Whenever you happen to love photography, exhaust colors from your well-liked shot in your create product.

Inspiration Image
Mood board

Mood board by Gleb Kuznetsov.

Paper press is one other horny offer of inspiration – books and magazines will be a offer for that finest image.

Paper press

Quilt pitch by Jack Dylan. Courtesy of the artist.

5. Curate your sequence

Be cautious now to no longer build this error: Gathering too many photos/textures in mood boards. Extra photos is no longer continually better. A greater the sequence of photos can lead to fewer possibilities that folk will comprehend the knowledge. Why? Because a user’s attention is limited and it’s rather easy to overwhelm folk with too valuable data. Recordsdata overload makes the message extra complicated to ascertain.

Potentially the most indispensable unbiased of the utilization of mood boards is no longer in provocative but solving a negate venture. That’s why no longer all photos and textures have to be on a mood board. When constructing a mood board, judge extra like curator moderately than a collector. Once I safe a mood board, I combine as much as 1,000 photos but handiest embody the ten strongest and consistent visual references.

Tip: It’ll also be overwhelming to put collectively mood boards. You battle by arrangement of 1000’s of visual examples, and on the discontinuance of the day, you also can face a relate when it’s laborious to separate a correct example from a wicked one. Whenever you work with a large quantity of data, it’s standard to feel overwhelmed. That’s why it so crucial to acquire a moment of relaxation correct by arrangement of the strategy of gathering data.

That is how it in reality works for me:

  1. Salvage photos for just a few days (narrate, 1,000)
  2. Switch to a range of actions and aloof down
  3. Decide away half of the photos in my sequence
  4. Repeat steps 2 and three till I in reality acquire handiest 30-40 photos remaining
  5. Fastidiously analyze the photos and protect correct 1 p.c of the distinctive pickle

The unbiased is to acquire photos that aid you to bring an emotional feeling that is consistent.

Car Moodboard

After combining referring to 1,000 photos, I go handiest 10 of the strongest and consistent visual references on my mood board.

6. Decide the upright layout

Reckoning on the vogue of mission, you might originate an offline or online mood board. The codecs require a range of approaches.

The offline layout is extra healthy when crew people work within the identical physical pickle, and it’s in all probability to meet with stakeholders in person. The revenue of the offline layout is that you just might maybe acquire a chance to list what you mean in person. Customers can expect questions and listen to your opinions.

A web layout is the handiest in all probability chance when you might maybe acquire a faraway or distributed crew. On this case, it’s required to exhaust beyond standard time to construct a mood board certain for all crew people so safe a sense of the knowledge you provide with out comments. Basically be at liberty to add just a few words to a board to list suggestions.

7. Give prominence to the fundamental message

It doesn’t topic what layout you establish conclude, it’s crucial to pick a image (or photos) that will be a foundation in your create. There’s a easy trick you might exhaust – play with the scale of objects to converse the watch. Bigger objects (photos/textures) establish conclude extra attention than smaller ones. Smaller objects can complement greater ones.

The utilization of this means, you might converse viewers to the largest minute print of your future create, and so that they’ll acquire the total required data in a witness.

eight. Salvage the very finest photos/textures from mood boards for future initiatives

Mood boards shouldn’t correct be for pitches. Take discover of the utilization of mood boards in your future initiatives. Exercise Pinterest to set examples. A revenue of the utilization of Pinterest is you might distribute work per sections on negate “boards.”

Simplest photos/textures from moodboards

Mood board by Gleb Kuznetsov.

Salubrious Digital Instruments for Rising Mood Boards

The large thing about mood boarding is that you just don’t acquire to make exhaust of any particular instruments. All you might maybe per chance maybe like is a whiteboard in your workspace. Nonetheless you also can exhaust digital instruments to construct it more uncomplicated to bring suggestions.

1. Pinterest

Pinterest is a must-acquire tool for designers. Pinterest lets you safe mood boards the utilization of property from throughout the win. Pinterest also affords safe admission to to a rich sequence of present mood boards – all the pieces from kitchen suggestions to excessive-tech devices. Having safe admission to to all this data is an horny opportunity for designers to catch inspiration.


Pinterest is a huge pickle to catch inspiration. Car moodboard by Gleb Kuznetsov.

2. The Matboard

The Matboard

The Matboard affords safe admission to to a curated sequence of photos created by photographers, filmmakers and industrial administrators.

three. Canva


Canva is a huge tool for constructing online mood boards. It has a stride and tumble editor and allows anybody to safe unbelievable mood boards in minutes. Canva also has a library of photos; this selection can set you a range of time (no acquire to browse the win to catch the upright image).

four. Evernote

While the extensive majority of Evernote’s customers exhaust the app for notetaking, it’s in all probability to make exhaust of it for constructing mood boards.

5. Mural


Mural is an horny tool when you might maybe acquire to craft a mood board with a crew. Mural creates a shared digital pickle the attach groups can collaborate on suggestions.


The formulation of constructing mood boards shouldn’t be slow. It can per chance per chance aloof be relaxing. Each and each creative person needs inspiration, and constructing mood boards will be a worthwhile habit for designers.

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