Temper Boards for Product Designers

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Most designers know that wireframing and prototyping are main ingredients of the hold process. Without prototyping, your possibilities of creating appropriate hold are nearly nil. To craft a upright prototype, designers settle on to expend time ideating. Designers possess an excellent deal of an excellent deal of instruments and ways in which encourage them correct by scheme of that brainstorming process. One instrument that makes it the approach of ideation easiest is temper boarding.

A temper board is a instrument that helps designers pick up the upright direction for designs and make an spectacular foundation for the emotional abilities they’re making an try to make.

From this text, you’ll pick up what this instrument is all about and the scheme it would possibly perchance probably perchance perchance well be used most successfully.

What’s a Temper Board?

A temper board is a chain of textures and pictures connected to hold and used as a reference level.

Temper boards would possibly be used for an excellent deal of wants. Listed below are a number of identical old examples of temper boards:

  1. Trace book/logo (encourage to search out impress/icon vogue)
  2. UI hold (encourage to search out and exclaim visible suggestions)
  3. Recount material approach
  4. Motion and interplay
Icon Moodboards
UI Moodboards
Motion Moodboards

What Temper Boards Back Designers Lift out

Get Inspiration

Temper boards are all about inspiration.

Temper boards encourage designers pick up something pleasing and implement it of their work. Let’s direct, icon designers derive an excellent deal of shapes to figure out what imprint of icons they’re making an try to make expend of.

Temper boards relief as inspiration for purchasers. They encourage purchasers pick up a approach of hold, and it’s a substantial instrument to select up hold direction desire-in from purchasers.

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Bring an Plan

When designers are trying and bring an idea, generally it would possibly perchance probably perchance perchance well be hard to talk verbally. Phrases are probably to be no longer ample. Designers settle on to present something.

Temper boards encourage designers mark and illustrate “why” they imprint a exclaim hold decision to peers and stakeholders. When requested, “Why will we need this exclaim form in our UI?” you would possibly perchance well per chance present them a temper board, so your hold decision becomes tremendous.

It’s indispensable to level out that for a temper board to bring an idea, it would possibly perchance probably perchance perchance well restful like examples of something that folks expend, no longer upright abstract ideas. These would possibly be examples from an excellent deal of industries. Completely in when used in this trend will a temper board act as proof that the hold direction could be a hit.

Eight Tricks for Rising and Working with Temper Boards

Rising temper boards would possibly be hard. Fortuitously, now we possess a number of guidelines and tricks to imprint this process simpler for you.

1. Goal for a nice emotional response

Take into myth emotions you settle on to bring when presenting a temper board to stakeholders. Earlier than deciding on a first image/texture to your temper board, are trying and mediate what would evoke an emotive response.

Tip: As soon as you happen to present a temper board, the goal is for folks to acknowledge with phrases take care of “Big” or “Dazzling stuff” with a nice response. Peep the facial expressions of those you’re showing it to. This is succesful of perchance perchance give you a approach of whether or no longer or no longer a board is doing its job.

2. Make sure temper boards work holistically with each and each an excellent deal of

When a hold crew is accountable for making a complete product hold approach (all ingredients of a product), it’s indispensable to keep an incredible direction for all temper boards to imprint them work holistically. This is succesful of perchance perchance well encourage make an spectacular foundation to your future hold sooner than you commence pushing the pixels. Temper boards that work holistically with each and each an excellent deal of encourage designers to make a mountainous image – it becomes evident for everyone what emotions a crew needs to usher in a product they make.

three. Temper boards are instruments for reference; handiest test with something you would possibly perchance well per chance discontinuance

As soon as you happen to present temper boards, you put expectations. When stakeholders look polished temper boards, they mediate that a closing hold would possibly perchance possess the the same stage of craftsmanship. If initiating differs vastly from the usual of the temper board, you risk shedding a consumer’s have faith. Lift out no longer reference something that you would possibly perchance well per chance be no longer qualified of performing because it must keep you up for failure.

4. Ogle past the digital world

By the expend of creating temper boards, all too on the total designers look inspiration online. For tremendous, Google can provide you an excellent deal of considerable pictures however it upright one source.

Don’t limit your self to a digital medium. Enjoy inspiration from nature. As soon as you take care of pictures, expend colours out of your current shot for your hold product.

Inspiration Image
Temper board

Temper board by Gleb Kuznetsov.

Paper press is one more astounding source of inspiration – books and magazines could be a source for that ultimate image.

Paper press

Duvet pitch by Jack Dylan. Courtesy of the artist.

5. Curate your sequence

Be careful to no longer imprint this mistake: Collecting too many pictures/textures in temper boards. More pictures is no longer constantly higher. A increased the sequence of pictures would possibly perchance well no longer sleep in fewer probabilities that folks will comprehend the suggestions. Why? Because a particular person’s attention is limited and it’s moderately straight forward to crush folk with too worthy data. Knowledge overload makes the message extra refined to verify.

The main goal of the usage of temper boards is no longer in exciting however solving a exclaim subject. That’s why no longer all pictures and textures have to be on a temper board. When making a temper board, ponder extra take care of curator in preference to a collector. When I make a temper board, I combine up to 1,000 pictures however handiest consist of the ten most extremely fantastic and consistent visible references.

Tip: It would possibly per chance be overwhelming to take care of temper boards. You battle by scheme of thousands of visible examples, and on the live of the day, you would possibly perchance well per chance face a subject when it’s hard to separate a appropriate instance from a unhealthy one. As soon as you happen to work with a vast quantity of data, it’s no longer fresh to actually feel overwhelmed. That’s why it so indispensable to possess a 2d of leisure correct by scheme of the approach of gathering data.

Right here’s the scheme it actually works for me:

  1. Procure pictures for a number of days (direct, 1,000)
  2. Switch to an excellent deal of activities and chill out
  3. Enjoy away half of the photos in my sequence
  4. Repeat steps 2 and three till I actually possess handiest 30-forty pictures last
  5. Rigorously analyze the photos and protect upright 1 percent of the sleek keep

The goal is to possess pictures that allow you to bring an emotional feeling that is consistent.

Automotive Moodboard

After combining with regards to 1,000 pictures, I leave handiest 10 of potentially the most extremely fantastic and consistent visible references on my temper board.

6. Pick the upright layout

Reckoning on the kind of accomplishing, you would possibly perchance well per chance fabricate an offline or online temper board. The codecs require an excellent deal of approaches.

The offline layout is ultimate when crew contributors work in the the same physical feature, and it’s conceivable to meet with stakeholders in particular person. Basically the most inspiring thing relating to the offline layout is that you would possibly perchance possess one more to portray what you imply in particular person. Possibilities can quiz questions and listen to your opinions.

An online layout is perchance the most inspiring conceivable choice while you happen to would possibly perchance possess a remote or disbursed crew. On this case, it’s required to expend extra time to imprint a temper board tremendous for all crew contributors so pick up a approach of the suggestions you provide with out feedback. Basically feel free so as to add a number of phrases to a board to portray suggestions.

7. Give prominence to the key message

It is no longer actually indispensable what layout you grab, it’s indispensable to grab a image (or pictures) which could be a foundation to your hold. There’s an easy trick you would possibly perchance well per chance expend – play with the dimension of objects to advise the look. Bigger objects (pictures/textures) get extra attention than smaller ones. Smaller objects can complement bigger ones.

Utilizing this trend, you would possibly perchance well per chance advise viewers to potentially the most inspiring indispensable points of your future hold, they in most cases’ll possess your entire required data in a search.

Eight. Procure potentially the most inspiring pictures/textures from temper boards for future tasks

Temper boards shouldn’t upright be for pitches. Take into myth the usage of temper boards to your future tasks. Use Pinterest to keep examples. A top-notch thing relating to the usage of Pinterest is that you would possibly perchance well per chance distribute work per sections on exclaim “boards.”

Most fantastic pictures/textures from moodboards

Temper board by Gleb Kuznetsov.

Indispensable Digital Instruments for Rising Temper Boards

The shock of temper boarding is that you don’t settle on to make expend of any special instruments. All you will have is a whiteboard for your workspace. Nevertheless you would possibly perchance well per chance additionally expend digital instruments to imprint it simpler to bring suggestions.

1. Pinterest

Pinterest is a must possess instrument for designers. Pinterest permits you to make temper boards the usage of sources from at some level of the pick up. Pinterest additionally offers access to a rich sequence of existing temper boards – the complete lot from kitchen suggestions to high-tech gadgets. Accessing all this data is an astounding alternative for designers to search out inspiration.


Pinterest is a substantial keep to search out inspiration. Automotive moodboard by Gleb Kuznetsov.

2. The Matboard

The Matboard

The Matboard offers access to a curated sequence of pictures created by photographers, filmmakers and industrial directors.

three. Canva


Canva is a substantial instrument for creating online temper boards. It has a scramble and tumble editor and lets in somebody to make astounding temper boards in minutes. Canva additionally has a library of pictures; this option can keep you an excellent deal of time (no settle on to browse the pick up to search out the upright image).

4. Evernote

Whereas the majority of Evernote’s customers expend the app for notetaking, it’s conceivable to make expend of it for creating temper boards.

5. Mural


Mural is an astounding instrument while you happen to settle on to craft a temper board with a crew. Mural creates a shared digital feature the place teams can collaborate on suggestions.


The technique of creating temper boards shouldn’t be dull. It needs to be fun. Every ingenious particular person wants inspiration, and creating temper boards could be a gracious behavior for designers.

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