Temper Boards for Product Designers

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Most designers know that wireframing and prototyping are well-known parts of the create direction of. Without prototyping, your chances of constructing honest create are practically nil. To craft a honest prototype, designers wish to utilize time ideating. Designers personal loads of diversified tools and tactics that relieve them at some stage in that brainstorming direction of. One tool that makes it the direction of of ideation easiest is mood boarding.

A mood board is a tool that helps designers rating the moral direction for designs and create a accurate foundation for the emotional trip they wish to create.

From this text, you’ll rating what this tool is all about and the diagram it will likely be archaic most successfully.

What is a Temper Board?

A mood board is a chain of textures and photographs connected to create and archaic as a reference level.

Temper boards will likely be archaic for diversified wants. Listed below are a pair of common examples of mood boards:

  1. Imprint book/value (relieve to search out value/icon vogue)
  2. UI create (relieve to search out and elaborate visual tips)
  3. Teach arrangement
  4. Motion and interplay
Icon Moodboards
UI Moodboards
Motion Moodboards

What Temper Boards Aid Designers Make

Rating Inspiration

Temper boards are all about inspiration.

Temper boards relieve designers rating one thing honest and implement it of their work. Shall we command, icon designers rating diversified shapes to resolve out what gain of icons they wish to make spend of.

Temper boards help as inspiration for purchasers. They help purchasers acquire a capacity of create, and it’s a gargantuan tool to acquire create direction bewitch-in from purchasers.

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Thunder an Thought

When designers strive and produce an notion, veritably it will likely be tough to keep in touch verbally. Phrases have to now not ample. Designers wish to hiss one thing.

Temper boards relieve designers cloak and illustrate “why” they devise a deliver create decision to buddies and stakeholders. When asked, “Why will we would prefer this explicit form in our UI?” you would hiss them a mood board, so your create decision turns into obvious.

It’s fundamental to existing that for a mood board to bring an notion, it would possibly perhaps well perhaps soundless appreciate examples of one thing that folks spend, now not moral abstract ideas. These would possibly perhaps well perhaps very smartly be examples from diversified industries. Handiest in when archaic on this variety will a mood board act as proof that the create direction will likely succeed.

eight Guidelines for Organising and Working with Temper Boards

Organising mood boards will likely be tough. Fortunately, we personal got a pair of pointers and suggestions to invent this direction of more uncomplicated for you.

1. Aim for a great emotional response

Take into tale emotions you’ll want to bring when presenting a mood board to stakeholders. Sooner than deciding on a first image/texture for your mood board, strive and agree with what would evoke an emotive response.

Tip: Whilst you hiss a mood board, the goal is for folks to retort with words appreciate “Gigantic” or “Factual stuff” with a great reaction. Leer the facial expressions of those you’re exhibiting it to. This can offer you a capacity of whether or now not a board is doing its job.

2. Originate obvious that mood boards work holistically with one one more

When a create group is to blame for constructing a full product create arrangement (all parts of a product), it’s fundamental to location a obvious direction for all mood boards to invent them work holistically. This can relieve create a accurate foundation for your future create sooner than you birth pushing the pixels. Temper boards that work holistically with one one more relieve designers to create a spacious image – it turns into evident for all americans what emotions a bunch needs to herald a product they invent.

3. Temper boards are tools for reference; entirely consult with one thing you would gain

Whilst you hiss mood boards, you location expectations. When stakeholders sight polished mood boards, they suspect about that a final create can personal the same level of craftsmanship. If provide differs greatly from the usual of the mood board, you disaster dropping a shopper’s belief. Make now not reference one thing that it’s good to now not in a position to performing since it would possibly perhaps well perhaps location you up for failure.

4. Peep beyond the digital world

In terms of constructing mood boards, all too veritably designers spy for inspiration on-line. Finally, Google can offer you a broad substitute of gargantuan images nonetheless it moral one source.

Don’t limit yourself to a digital medium. Engage inspiration from nature. Whilst you appreciate images, spend colors from your favorite shot to your create product.

Inspiration Image
Temper board

Temper board by Gleb Kuznetsov.

Paper press is one other unbelievable source of inspiration – books and magazines will likely be a source for that edifying image.

Paper press

Mask pitch by Jack Dylan. Courtesy of the artist.

5. Curate your sequence

Be cautious now not to invent this error: Collecting too many images/textures in mood boards. Extra images is now not in any appreciate times better. A elevated the factitious of images would possibly perhaps well perhaps terminate up in fewer probabilities that folks will comprehend the suggestions. Why? On tale of a person’s attention is miniature and it’s barely easy to weigh down of us with too worthy files. Recordsdata overload makes the message extra advanced to substantiate.

The principle goal of using mood boards is now not in animated nonetheless fixing a deliver jam. That’s why now not all images and textures deserve to be on a mood board. When constructing a mood board, mediate extra appreciate curator in location of a collector. When I create a mood board, I combine as much as 1,000 images nonetheless entirely comprise the ten most highly tremendous and fixed visual references.

Tip: It’d be overwhelming to organize mood boards. You struggle by 1000’s of visual examples, and at the terminate of the day, that it is doubtless you’ll face a instruct of affairs when it’s tough to separate a honest instance from a inferior one. Whilst you’re employed with a huge quantity of files, it’s common to truly feel overwhelmed. That’s why it so fundamental to personal a second of relaxation at some stage at some level of of gathering files.

This is the diagram it works for me:

  1. Salvage images for a pair of days (command, 1,000)
  2. Swap to diversified actions and aloof down
  3. Engage away half of of the shots in my sequence
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until I truly personal entirely 30-forty images remaining
  5. Carefully analyze the shots and support moral 1 p.c of the distinctive location

The goal is to personal images that enable you to bring an emotional feeling that is fixed.

Vehicle Moodboard

After combining nearly 1,000 images, I leave entirely 10 of basically the most highly tremendous and fixed visual references on my mood board.

6. Fetch the moral layout

Looking on the form of project, you would manufacture an offline or on-line mood board. The codecs require diversified approaches.

The offline layout is edifying when group participants work in the same physical instruct, and it’s imaginable to meet with stakeholders in person. The coolest thing referring to the offline layout is that you have got a likelihood to notify what you point out in person. Customers can query questions and listen to your opinions.

An on-line layout is the entirely imaginable likelihood if you happen to personal a far-off or allotted group. In this case, it’s required to utilize overtime to invent a mood board obvious for all group participants so acquire a capacity of the suggestions you provide with out comments. Undoubtedly feel free to add a pair of words to a board to notify tips.

7. Give prominence to the important message

Without reference to what layout you grab, it’s fundamental to make a substitute an image (or images) that would possibly perhaps be a foundation for your create. There’s a straightforward trick you would spend – play with the dimensions of objects to relate the survey. Larger objects (images/textures) bewitch extra attention than smaller ones. Smaller objects can complement better ones.

The usage of this means, you would relate viewers to the largest info of your future create, and in recount that they’ll personal the total required files in a sight.

eight. Salvage basically the most tremendous images/textures from mood boards for future initiatives

Temper boards shouldn’t moral be for pitches. Take into tale using mood boards for your future initiatives. Employ Pinterest to place examples. A first price thing about using Pinterest is that you would distribute work according to sections on explicit “boards.”

Easiest images/textures from moodboards

Temper board by Gleb Kuznetsov.

Purposeful Digital Instruments for Organising Temper Boards

The marvel of mood boarding is that you don’t wish to make spend of any particular tools. All you wish is a whiteboard to your workspace. But you would additionally spend digital tools to invent it more uncomplicated to bring tips.

1. Pinterest

Pinterest is fundamental tool for designers. Pinterest lets you create mood boards using sources from accurate by the acquire. Pinterest additionally offers acquire entry to to a rich sequence of existing mood boards – everything from kitchen tips to excessive-tech gadgets. Having acquire entry to to all this files is an unbelievable opportunity for designers to search out inspiration.


Pinterest is a gargantuan location to search out inspiration. Automobile moodboard by Gleb Kuznetsov.

2. The Matboard

The Matboard

The Matboard offers acquire entry to to a curated sequence of images created by photographers, filmmakers and industrial directors.

3. Canva


Canva is a gargantuan tool for constructing on-line mood boards. It has a high-tail and topple editor and permits someone to create unparalleled mood boards in minutes. Canva additionally has a library of images; this feature can place you a broad substitute of time (no wish to browse the acquire to search out the moral image).

4. Evernote

While the majority of Evernote’s users spend the app for notetaking, it’s imaginable to make spend of it for constructing mood boards.

5. Mural


Mural is an unbelievable tool if you happen to must craft a mood board with a bunch. Mural creates a shared digital instruct where teams can collaborate on tips.


The direction of of constructing mood boards shouldn’t be slow. It must be fun. Each and every artistic person wants inspiration, and constructing mood boards will likely be a well-known behavior for designers.

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